School Field Trip Ideas For Brisbane


Conducting school field trips from time to time can have a positive learning impact on the child, as it breaks the monotonicity of learning indoors. It’s a relaxing escape both for the kids and the teachers, as they get to take on a more hands-on approach in a fun learning environment. Choose bushire in Brisbane to visit these destinations that make great school excursion venues.

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

The universe is one big piece of mystery, and every child is curious to know more about it, once they are introduced to the elements of solar science. There is plenty of learning opportunities at the historic Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, which includes detailed information about the astronomy, constellation of stars, Milky Way and planets. The visual displays are interactive enough, focussing more on content that can be easily understood by kids.

The display zone with educational artefacts make you realize how small we are in front of the huge universe. Look and feel the spacecraft models, and you never know it might trigger your thought of becoming an astronomer. Some may fancy envisaging and analysing the sky patterns. There is so much to learn and take away that you simply cannot put this off the schedule.

Queensland Museum and Sciencentre

With a wide array of collections to discover, the Queensland Museum provides a number of self-guided activities and facilitated programs for effective learning. Add to that, plenty of science-based learning to be done at the Sciencentre, with lots on offer for the school kids. Everyone is a participant here in one or the other way, with an option to indulge in a wide array of activities including discovery of science, boarding a flight simulator and cruising on a land yacht.

Kids have an option take part in a variety of engaging programs that will help them grab concept behind everything. You can spend some great time experimenting the displays, just to observe something new happening. Every day, around 4 shows are hosted, which essentially educates the children about the science of sound.

Maleny Dairies Farm Tour

City lifestyle can be tough for a child, as he is unable to grasp everything that happens in a quick pace. This is why it is essential for schools to carry out field trips away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where most things are natural. Maleny Dairies Farm Tour is one such unique place for a perfect excursion to discover the history of a vintage dairy farm.

It will hardly take an hour for you to drive your way, passing through the Sunshine Coast, with the path itself being a memorable experience with striking views of the glasshouse mountain. Kids will get to know about the process behind suction machines and hand milking, along with an opportunity to nuzzle the baby calves. Kids will be delighted to know that milk is not merely a packaged food item.

Queensland Maritime Museum

This historic museum is going to be a fascinating experience for the kids, as it features a large assortment of exhibits including Yacht Pink Lady of Jessica Watson, the 1925 steam tug Forceful and the historic warship Diamantina. With an easy accessibility all through the vessel, children can board the Diamantina in the dry dock and get to know all about it. You can wonder at its large warship and construction, with special appearance of the lighthouse technology at the Museum. The South Brisbane Dry Dock was completed in 1881, and has a long rich history behind it. With extensive research and education programs on offer, children can learn a lot in an interactive ambiance not far away from the city.

Tangalooma Island Resort

Located in the Moreton Island off the Brisbane Coast, Tangalooma is an ideal place to learn about the Aboriginal history of Moreton Island and its role in the second World War. The key highlight of a field trip to this place is the chance to know about dolphins, with a range of tours on offer. You can hand feed them, and also enjoy other daily activities such as kookaburra feeding, pelican feeding and fish feeding.

You can choose from a variety of tailored programs to suit all tastes, including food Webs, Food chains, habitats and environments, and how they are affected by external factors. They also offer facilitated presentations and tours, which relate to school curriculum undertaking studies in Biology, Geography and Tourism. One can also learn about the operations and history of the Whaling Station, including the transformation of the whale exploitation to whale watching tourism.

Fraser Island

Dotted with freshwater lakes and covered in dense rainforest, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, and is an ideal spot for school-based outings. You need to head inland following the sand tracks, via hardwood forests. Under the guidance of teachers, children can swim and relax at Lake McKenzie, known for its white silica sands and turquoise colours.

Enjoy a sizzling, delectable barbecue in a lush green rainforest. Before floating down stream to the ocean, visit the swiftly flowing Eli creek and stop by at the intriguing colourful sand formations. This is going to be a mind-refreshing trip for the entire group.

Gallery Of Modern Art

Having amassed a collection of more than 14000 national and international artworks, the Gallery of Modern Art acquired its first artwork back in 1895. It has had a history of switching locations from time to time. It houses a fine collection of art from the late 19th century, as well as the beginning of the 20th century, including works by William Dobell, Russel Drysdale, E Phillips Fox, Rupert Bunny and Arthur Streeton. There are specific works relevant to Brisbane, including Sidney Nolan’s ‘Mrs Fraser’ and Charles Blackman’s ‘City Lights’. The former has been inspired by an obsession with the woman, who was shipwrecked and was later rescued by a convict.

Some of the other key highlights include a huge collection of Ian Fairweather works in the country, the abstract of 60s, coming out of the Field Exhibition in Victoria. Also, not to forget the masterpiece by Robert Klippel, the Opus 247 sculpture!

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