A Guide To Golfing In Brisbane

The game of golf is all about a handful of shots, the drive, a putt or two and a test from the rough or sand. When one of these shots go wrong on the hole, you miss a chance to score. With challenging golf tracks set in lush greenery, golfing in Brisbane requires some set of skills that you can only develop with practice. Before you book bushire in Brisbane to bring you to some of the fantastic courses in the city, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Keep The Hands Low

By restricting the height of follow-through, you can easily reduce the elevation of your shots. Lower the hands, lower will be the ball-flight.  Shifting the ball back in your posture or trying to swing easy by choosing a stronger club may serve the same purpose, but it’s difficult to execute.

Forearm Parallel To Spine

To ensure increased accuracy and solid ball striking, it’s important to stay on-plane at the top of the swing. Arms should form a tight triangle with a flat left wrist and the right forearm parallel to the spine. Rotate your shoulders into the backswing perfectly.

Use the Body Power

Power should be generated from within the body, rather than the arms. In order to do it, put the club at the rear end, with your body in statue position.  Try dragging the ball into the air, without taking a backswing. If you are using hands in the initial stages of gameplay, you will probably struggle a lot, however, once you learn using your hands, it will help you in getting the ball up in the air more frequently.

Create Proper Hinge

Crisp iron shots can only come by creating proper wrist hinge, but most people make a couple of mistakes. Firstly, their arms tend to swing too far in the backswing, and secondly the takeaway tends to be too low to the ground.  This basically leads to a reverse pivot by causing a breakdown in stance, leading to lack of control and distance. There should be a 45-degree angle between the clubshaft and the left arm, which initiates the swing with the wrist already hinged halfway. As the clubhead moves up quickly, the hands should stay close to the ground during the takeaway. When left arm is parallel to the ground and the clubshaft is at 90 degrees to it, you achieve a proper wrist hinge.

Should You Fly Out The Elbow?

Extensive studies suggest that a tucked right elbow promotes a draw, while flying right elbow position favours a fade ball-flight. When you let the elbow fly, it somehow raises the right shoulder upwards, which leads to over-the-top move during the downswing. If you are to successfully execute a shot, eliminate the awry shoulder tilt and the elbow position. Just within the seam running down the right portion of your top is the efficient elbow position to keep slices at bay.

Avoid Early Releases

This usually happens when your body gets too much in front of the ball, causing your club to lag drastically with an open face. Your hands will function to close the face at point of impact, and even experts find it hard to execute the level of timing.  In order to keep your head behind the ball and stop the flippiness, you need to establish a firm left side.

Brisbane Golf Courses To Consider

The above-mentioned tips are good enough to get your ball rolling on the greens and finding its destiny. Here are a few golf courses you must visit, while in the city of Brisbane.

Victoria Park

Situated close to the city, Victoria Park is home to truly amazing golf experiences in Queensland. This fun-filled destination has an 18-hole public golf course with state of the art golfing facilities and a dedicated golf learning centre. There’s also a retail golf shop, along with 2-level day and night driving range. After an exhaustive golfing session, enjoy a meal at The Bar & Bistro, with some stunning views of the city skyline. With views of the rolling green hills and undulating plains, this is a perfect place to accomplish golfing desires.

The Brisbane Golf Club

Founded in 1896, the Brisbane Golf Club is a premier golfing track built by pioneers of Australian golf. They crafted an exceptional setting together with culture and traditions that created a unique combination of stimulating golf with unmatched fellowship among members.  The 18-hole golf course is ranked in Top 100 courses of the country, according to Golf Digest Australia Magazine and Golf Australia Magazine. This is the only turf to have the Champion greens with a putting surface.

Brookwater Golf and Country Club

Half an hour drive from Brisbane and a 20-minute drive from Ipswich, the Brookwater Golf and Country Club will give you long-lasting memories. Attracting amateurs and professionals from all across the world, this course has been designed by Greg Norman. Set in a peaceful location with undulating hills and natural bushland, the par 72 tournament standard course has long and narrow fairways, with challenging bunkers to practice your skills. Enjoy your meal in a stylish and modern restaurant, the Brookwater Glasshouse with expansive views of the course and bushland.  As it is open to public, everyone is welcome here!

Carbrook Golf Club

Known to be one of the leading golf courses in the South East Queensland regions, this scenic course alongside the Logan River is the only course in the world with resident bull sharks, making it more deadly than normal. This par-71 golf course measuring over 6000 meters has hosted a number of events including the 2010 Queensland Senior Amateur Championship and 2012 Australian Girls’ Amateur Championship.

The course style is a blend of undulating greens, with many holes featuring water hazards using the natural scenery. The surface stays intact throughout the year, and the track is equally friendly to both amateurs and experts. The rural setting is away from the hurly burly of the city, providing a relaxed, friendly experience.

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