Luxury Hotels That Offer Views Over The Brisbane River

Australia’s Brisbane River is regarded as southeast Queensland’s longest river. It actually flows all throughout the city of Brisbane then goes towards the Moreton Bay. This place is well-loved by travellers because of its natural vegetation as well as its outstanding admirable beauty. If you want to make sure your choice of luxury hotel offers you a view of the Brisbane River, you can consider booking at any of the following accommodations:

Brisbane Riverview Hotel

This hotel is centrally located between CBD and that of Brisbane airport and is said to be set in a strategic location that will give you a better view of the Brisbane River. It comes with spacious rooms that offer an ambience like no other. It defines luxury at its best with the spa, gym, sauna and large resort-style pool that can accommodate a lot of people. Family rooms as well as suites are part of the accommodation options in Brisbane Riverview Hotel.

Brisbane Marriott Hotel

Marriott Hotel is noted to give that kind of luxury you have always wanted in a hotel whilst it also offers you the level of service you always expect from its name. The one found in Brisbane gives you a great view not just of the skyline but also that of the Brisbane River. This one is also gifted with bathrooms that are elegant and spacious enough to accommodate your needs plus you can choose from a wide array of rooms and suites where you can have a restful sleep after a day tour around the area. It is also the home for Dome Spa Retreat, a well-renowned spa centre in the whole of Brisbane.

Quay West Brisbane

This garden-inspired accommodation is a perfect match to that view that you want to get out of the Brisbane River. This hotel is nothing but stylish and elegant and one with a series of apartment accommodations for a bigger group or family. You also get a panoramic view of the city once you decide to stay in this accommodation. The apartments combine the usual luxurious comforts you have been looking for in a hotel with those of facilities that will make your stay even better. Resort-style pools, sauna and a sundeck complement all other facilities you find in this accommodation.

The Point Brisbane Hotel

Get a lovely view of the Brisbane River in this Kangaroo Point Accommodation. This luxurious hotel welcomes you with the smell of fresh flowers and with its elegant marble foyer, walking to the hotel’s lobby makes you feel like royalty. You can also experience the best in Australian cuisine with the Lambert Restaurant, Bar and Lounge and get the chance to enjoy the cool waters in their palm-fringed pool.

Royal Albert Hotel

Royal Albert Hotel, apart from offering a scenic view of Brisbane River from your hotel room, is also an accommodation to love specifically because it is located near Queen Street Mall, Brisbane’s shopping epicentre. Whilst the hotel is inspired by its century’s old history, the building itself has been updated from time to time to give travellers a better experience in this great accommodation. In fact, its deluxe rooms and suites are filled with contemporary facilities that make it look modernised for its age. It also gives you fair access to Myer Centre and the rest of CBD’s attractions, adventure sites and shopping locations.

Oaks Charlotte Towers

Oaks Charlotte Towers is regarded as one of the most popular serviced apartment hotels in Brisbane. This accommodation combines a wide array of room choices that will suit the needs of travellers with that of the most excellent facilities each tourist is looking for. Each of their rooms include modern conveniences that surpass expectations of vacationers with private balconies that give you better views of the Brisbane River and the rest of the city. You will also see a list of restaurants, cafes and bars around town. If you walk even further, you can visit fashion boutiques that flock the area.

Treasury Hotel and Casino

More than just an entertainment destination in Brisbane, Treasury Hotel and Casino is also considered the home for those looking for luxurious accommodations that are overlooking the Brisbane River. What makes this place indeed a great find is the fact that it also has been restored through time to make it more appealing to the taste of today’s modern travellers.  A stay in this accommodation will make the visit to Brisbane really well worth every penny you spend.

Manor Apartment Hotel

Situated less than a kilometre away from Brisbane River, the Manor Apartment Hotel is a perfect example of a luxurious hotel where people can enjoy a short or long stay in the city. This hotel is gifted with contemporary furnishings that match its serene surroundings. It also boasts of an extremely modern technology to meet your demands as a discerning traveller. This is located at Brisbane’s centre thus making it one of those accommodations that provide ready access to bars and shopping districts.

Emporium Hotel

Elegant, exquisite, opulent – these are traits that best describe Emporium Hotel. Offering customised service, this hotel will certainly give you the experience that you have always been looking for in a luxury hotel. It boasts not just of a perfect view of Brisbane River but also those of the features and facilities that make this accommodation complete for every traveller who is looking for comfort.

Getting a view of the Brisbane River is made possible through these accommodations. With any of them for you to consider booking in, you will surely have a great stay in the city. But of course, you would also be delighted by the fact that these hotel accommodations give you better access to amenities that will make your trip a lot easier and more convenient.

For those of you who are looking to book in any of these hotels, you can always use our airport transfer services that will bring you to these hotel destinations. Consider our minibus for day trip services and you will surely experience comfort whilst you explore what this city has to offer in general, apart from a glimpse of Brisbane River of course!

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