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Perth, the largest city in Western Australia, is also one of the most isolated major cities in the world. However, from King’s Park to the amazing dining and nightlife, there’s heaps to keep you entertained in this vibrant and bustling riverside city.


It’s only a quick hop off the coast to experience true desert island life including the adorable quokkas in Rottnest. You can spend a full day exploring Fremantle’s (or ‘Freo’ to the locals) farmer’s market and sampling locally brewed beers at Little Creatures Brewery. Another quick trip will take you into the hills to raise a glass of fine wine in one of the oldest wine regions in WA,
the Swan Valley.

If you’re looking to get away from it all you can do so with bus hire in Perth and if you make the effort to go a little further afield, you’ll be rewarded with outback desert marvels and an unimaginably beautiful, isolated coastline.

Continue reading to discover four epic spots that you can reach within a day with cheap bus hire in Perth.

Perth is Western Australia’s largest city and there’s heaps to see an do!

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Taste some locally produced wines or surf the breaks at Perth’s gorgeous Margaret River region

Epic Trip 1. Sample World Class Wine and Surf at Margaret River

Why not make the three hour trip to Margaret River to sample some incredible cabernets and charddonays all the more relaxing by hiring a coach from Perth? With boutique wineries and a Mediterranean-style climate, Margaret River, located just south of Perth, is known as one of the premium wine regions of the world. With 75 breaks along 130kms of coastline, serious surfers will be keen to head down south too as just two kilometres offshore lies one of the biggest waves in Australia, the Cowaramup Bombora or “Cow Bombie”.

Epic Trip 2. Explore the Desert Formations of The Pinnacles

250km north of Perth on the Turquoise Coast, you’ll find eerie limestone formations in the desert sands known as “The Pinnacles” in Nambung National Park. If you arrange a coach charter from Perth to visit the Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre, you can be sure you and your group won’t miss them or the wild western grey kangaroos and emus who are known to roam amongst the spires. At the Discovery Centre you will find the three different theories as to how these unqiue structures were formed.

Explore the limestone desert formations of The Pinnacles located 250km north of Perth on the Turquoise Coast.

Take the tourist train on the southern hemisphere’s longest wooden pier!

tourist train busselton jetty

Epic Trip 3. Take a Walk on the Southern Hemisphere’s Longest Wooden Pier in Busselton

Stretching almost 2km out to sea from the town of Busselton, you can take a walk or, more uniquely, a tourist train on the Southern Hemisphere’s longest wooden jetty. There’s even an underwater observatory at the end of the pier where you can descend 8m to observe the coral and sea life. Busselton Beach is known for its calm turquoise-coloured waters and white sand, so it’s perfect for families with young children. Why not get away from the big city for a day by chartering a bus to Busselton from an affordable bus hire company in Perth. On your journey, look out for frolicking dolphins in Geographe Bay and during the spring months (September to early December) you may even see migrating whales!

Epic Trip 4. Truly Escape Urban Life at Wedge Island

Some 180km north of Perth, Wedge Island is a unique settlement of 350 beach shacks that were built between the 1950’s and 1980’s by fishermen and holidaymakers. Wedge is one of only two remaining informal ‘shackie’ communities left in Australia which are now highly valued for their unique heritage. While there you can entertain yourself four-wheel driving, sand boarding, surfing, kitesurfing, fishing, swimming and snorkeling. This pristine island is a slice of paradise that’s well and truly off the grid.

Get away from the big city for a day trip on Wedge Island where you can sand board, surf, kitesurf and more.

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There’s So Much to See in Western Australia

Being geographically closer to cities in Indonesia than east coast Australian cities like Sydney and Brisbane, you definitely don’t want to miss experiencing some of Western Australia in and around Perth. Whether you want to spend a relaxing, romantic day away wine-tasting, hanging out at quiet remote beaches, or going on an adventure surfing and sandboarding with your friends, you’ll find that it’s all available to you on a day trip from Perth.

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TNA Bus Hire will help you find the right vehicle at the right price.