10 Family-Friendly Resorts In Brisbane

Nothing beats a well-planned vacation with the family and when visiting Brisbane is one thing that comes to mind, you have to consider booking in family-friendly resorts around the place. But what is family-friendly in the first place? Generally, it is that place where the entire family can find a spot, service or that kind of entertainment that will make them enjoy the rest of their vacation. Therefore, if you want a list of family-friendly resorts in Brisbane, you should consider our list below.

Tangalooma Island Resort

This is one of the family-friendly resorts where you and the rest of the family can have fun whilst exploring the different sights all around it. You have the choice to engage in tours and activities like dolphin feeding or have the chance to watch out for 16,000 whales that pass by Moreton Bay. There are also island Holiday Houses along Tangalooma Island Resort where your family can stay in even for an extended period. You and your kids can even play in this resort as you also get a dip in the pool or the beaches ashore.

InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort

Located just a few metres away from the Gold Coast, InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort is the haven for both the young ones and the young-at-heart. This resort is gifted with greens via its golf courses and blues via its seashores and pools. Your kids can simply enjoy its lush landscape or choose to take a plunge in its one-acre lagoon beach pool whilst you try putting some green on the golf courses.

Brisbane Getaway Resort

This resort in Brisbane is more than just the swimming pool kind of thing. We understand very well that kids do love swimming but in this resort, they can explore beyond that. The resort has a park where kids can spend the rest of the day playing as you also try the other services that this resort offers. An added bonus is the fact that you can sleep well in your cabins since it is guaranteed noise-free.

Scarborough Beach Resort

When swimming will seem to bore you and the rest of the family and you want to do something more, then Scarborough Beach Resort is the perfect choice. You and your kids can enjoy whale watching tours and you can also get involved in different water recreation activities. You can also try out skydiving via the Sutton’s Beach and have a chance to work out at its fitness centre. Visit their sauna and get the massage service that you want.

The Docks On Goodwin

Looking for a home away from home when in Brisbane is made easy by this accommodation. This place has enough room for plenty of guests and is likewise gifted with facilities where you and the rest of the family can spend an ultimate getaway time together. There is a spa, sauna and a gym for adults and a landscaped garden and barbeque area where you and your kids can enjoy some picnicking time.

Turtle Beach Resort

Turtle Beach Resort is a perfect family getaway for those who want to enjoy both the sun and the sand. The place is around 400 yards away that of Mermaid beach and is also just a bus-ride away from the Surfer’s Paradise. This resort is gifted with heated lagoon pools and an elegant Chelonia pool. It also has its very own in-house cinema and a playground where you and your kids can enjoy the views all around. You are also given access to a convenience store situated near the area.

BIG4 Holiday Parks

Coming in close contact with nature through a remarkable accommodation such as BIG4 Holiday Parks is now possible. With this family-friendly resort in your consideration, you can easily get access to inland destinations and then get that much-deserved sleep after a day of travelling downtown. It also gives you quit a view of the Gold Coast.

Brisbane Holiday Village

What makes Brisbane Holiday Village a perfect getaway accommodation for the family is its accessibility to a wide range of activities and places where both adults and kids will surely have a great time. For one, it is near the Lagoona Resort Restaurant where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. This place serves food that is not just gastronomically inviting but is also affordable on the pocket. It has a wide range of facilities and services including a toddler’s playground for your kids and a covered barbeque area for the entire family. There is also a mini golf course and salt water swimming lagoons in Brisbane Holiday Village.

Royal Pines Resort

Royal Pines Resort is one of those accommodation options in Brisbane where you get to enjoy the very popular beaches of Surfers Paradise and at the same time gave a chance to shop around Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. The resort is also located in close proximity to that of the Gold Coast. From here, you also are given access to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Dreamworld, Sea World and Australia Outback Spectacular amongst others.

Bunyip Scenic Rim Resort

Tranquil, private and beautiful accommodation all rolled-into-one – that is what Bunyip Scenic Rim Resort is all about. It is located a few distances away from Australia’s most scenic spots like Mt. Cordeau, Mt. French and Governor’s Chair. Your family will certainly enjoy an access to these views in your Bunyip Scenic Rim Resort room. You can even use the resort’s facilities to gather your friends and family for a birthday or anniversary celebration.

It is with no doubt that Brisbane is gifted with a host of resorts where all the members of the family will truly enjoy. These resorts are likewise blessed with facilities that make your stay even better. With these, you also have the chance to spend a memorable time with your family.

If you want to make your stay in Brisbane even more family-friendly, you should consider hiring coach or minibus services. With a comfortable ride guaranteed, we can take you to places where you and your family can spend some memorable time like no other!

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