Bus Hire for Conferences & Seminars

There is so much to do when arranging for your company staff to attend a corporate seminar, convention or conference that it can be daunting! We discuss how chartering transportation for your staff will take some of the hassle out of staff management at your next corporate event.


When arranging for your company staff to attend a corporate conference, convention, seminar, or professional development workshop, there are so many elements to consider that it can often be daunting. You’ll be tasked with scheduling pick-up locations, drop-off points and planning out routes as well as figuring out how many vehicles you’ll need.

Have you ever considered using the services of corporate charter buses? Take the hassle out of arranging staff transport to corporate events and benefit your company by ensuring that all staff arrive at the event on time and together with a reliable bus charter company.

Let’s take a closer look at how a professional bus charter company like TNA Bus Hire can help your company and staff get to the places they need to be.

There is a lot to consider when arranging for your company’s staff to attend a corporate function, seminar or conference.

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A professional bus hire company will arrange all of the pick ups and drop offs and take care of route planning.

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1. It Will Save You Time

We all know that in business, time is money. When you employ the services of a private bus charter company, they will assist you with scheduling, arranging pick-up and drop-off locations and planning the best routes to avoid traffic and delays, saving you time.

While this saves you time in terms of the journey, it also saves you the time it would have taken you or a member of your team to coordinate it all.

2. It is More Efficient

Using a corporate bus charter company, such as TNA Bus Hire, is much more efficient than having everyone travel separately in their own vehicles. A bus hire company will get everyone where they need to be in an efficient manner and on time.

By removing the need for managerial staff to have to arrange carpooling, car parking, consider traffic delays and stress about everyone getting to the venue on time, they’ll be free to concentrate on more important elements of their job.

Chartering a bus or coach to transport your staff is more efficient than if everyone drove their own vehicles. It’s also easier on the environment.

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A professional bus hire company will ensure all of your staff’s requirements are met, including luggage accommodation.

3. You’ll Have Peace of Mind With Excellent Service

The team at TNA Bus Hire are committed to providing passengers with the highest level of transport and service. The bus drivers at TNA Bus Hire are experienced, flexible and will accommodate any specific needs that your staff may require.

By hiring a bus and driver to transport your staff to corporate events, you can rest assured knowing that your team is travelling with a safe and reputable charter bus company and that a professional driver is taking the wheel.

4. Your Staff Will Travel in Style and Comfort

Give your staff the chance to travel in style and comfort with one of the largest charter bus fleets in Australia. TNA Bus Hire have a variety of vehicles to choose from, with everything from minibuses to coaches, sedans and 7-seater people movers – each available in both standard and luxury options.

Enjoy the comfortable and safe ride with your professional driver at the helm.

Enjoy the peace of mind that your staff are travelling comfortable and safe.

Corporate Bus Hire Will Take You Where You Need to Go

By using a professional and experienced bus charter company such as TNA Bus Hire, your company will not only benefit from the competitive pricing but also the excellent customer service they provide including assistance with scheduling and the very best in style and comfort. Let TNA Bus Hire take your people to all the right places.

Looking to Plan a Trip to a Corporate Event?

TNA Bus Hire will help you find the right vehicle at the right price.

TNA Bus Hire will help you find the right vehicle at the right price.